Revolutionary Square Endoscopy

Zsquare’s uniquely patented square fiber is a breakthrough in the world of miniaturizing visual fiber-optics, providing the only ultra-thin, high resolution, extremely flexible, single-use endoscopic platform based on square fiber building blocks.
Our technology enables, for the first time, to dramatically reduce the optical component’s diameter without compromising and even improving image quality to achieve never before seen visualizations.

Zsquare aims to advance endoscopic diagnostic technologies, with the purpose of democratizing patient care and optimizing patient outcomes and hospital efficiency.

Square Fibers. Modular Platform.
Multiple Indications.

Starting from a single square fiber, Zsquare endoscopes are transformed into a powerful range of products by expanding the number of clustered fibers. As more fibers are assembled, different medical indications can be addressed, with added functionality and enhanced performance.

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Offering Multiple High-end Capabilities



Hyper and multi spectral imaging






A Single-use, Disposable Design

Our single-use endoscopes remove the possibility of cross contamination due to poorly sterilized re-usable endoscopes, leading to improved patient outcomes and significant systemic savings for healthcare providers while improving usability and diagnosis quality, and democratizing care by expanding the reach of endoscopic assisted procedures to outpatient clinics and 3rd world settings.

A Single-use, Disposable Design
A Single-use, Disposable Design

Our Edge


Elimination of
cross contamination

Cost savings


Access to unserved indications

Access to unserved

Superior diagnostic capabilities

Superior diagnostic

Democratization of care

of care

Our People

Dr Asaf Shahmoon

Dr Asaf Shahmoon Ph.D,
CEO and co-founder

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Prof. Zeev Zalevsky

Prof. Zeev Zalevsky,
CTO and co-founder

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Amihai Meiri

Dr. Amihai Meiri Ph.D,

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Naama Shoham

Dr. Naama Shoham PhD,
Algorithms – Team Leader

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Prof. Yoram Weiss,
Lead Medical Director & Advisor

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Zsquare Secures $10m

Zsquare Secures $10m for Its Groundbreaking 0.45mm Fiber, High-res, Single-use Imaging Endoscope


Optics Engineer

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented optics engineer to join our team in the development and testing of our illumination system

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Software and Algorithm Developer

We are looking for a talented software and algorithm developer to join our team in the development of our application using algorithmic solutions related to image processing and computer vision. The developer will be responsible for integrating our algorithm to the application.

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Mechanical Engineering Team Leader

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented mechanical engineer to join our mechanical team and lead the mechanical development of our endoscope.

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Mechanical Engineering

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented mechanical engineer to join our mechanical engineering team.

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Tel: 972-3-6987600
Address: 43 Hasivim St. Petah Tikva, 4959501, Israel